About 8% of the male population has some sort of color blindness

The color blind have the inability to clearly distinguish between different colors, they tend to see colors in a limited range of hues. Because of this, the color blind have trouble with a lot of websites, signs, games or anything else involving color.

We are Colorblind is dedicated to making the web a better place for the color blind.

  • Normal vision

  • Green-type colorblindness

  • Red-type colorblindness

  • Blue-type colorblindness

A quick introduction to colorblindness


About 8% of the male population has some form of colorblindness. In this article we’ll take a look at the basics of how colorblindness works.

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Twitter Color Picker

January 6th, 2013

One of the more difficult tasks a colorblind person can encounter is naming color paired with making color combinations. Twitter requires such a thing.

Visual Website Optimizer

August 16th, 2012

Visual Website Optimizer provides some very good features that make their line charts very accesible for the colorblind.


Review: Oxy-Iso glasses


March 17th, 2013

There a several ‘cures’ to colorblindness in the form of special glasses available. I’ve always been interested in giving them a try. Luckily o2amp.com got me a pair of their Oxy-Iso glasses to review.

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Guest Article: A Mother’s Journey into Colorblindness


January 22nd, 2013

When my son Andrew was four years old his pre-school teacher told me that he was having trouble understanding simple patterns. I was already concerned that he couldn’t always identify colors correctly. Were these signs of a learning disability, or was it something else?

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