New Kodable update adds Colorblind Mode mode

Published on 22 August 2018

Starting with version 8.2, Kodable will now feature a Colorblind Mode that can be enabled or disabled at any time by their 15 million users.

Kodable breaks down computer science into the basic concepts kids need for a strong foundation life. Kodable offers materials focused on topics ranging from communication and social emotional learning to real world impact of computer science.

The latest update to Kodable adds a Colorblind Mode

After hiring a new designer who turned out to be colorblind, the team realised he couldn’t differentiate between certain elements in the app. With Kodable being used by over 15 million kids worldwide, this meant that 750,000 kids couldn’t use Kodable correctly. 

They decided to add a Colorblind Mode. When enabled, this mode adds a pattern or texture to all game elements in Kodable that differentiate themselves based on color.

The Colorblind Mode enabled in Kodable

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