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Resources Tools for the Colorblind

BenQ BL2480T with Colour Weakness Mode

Tools for the Colorblind

The BenQ BL2480T monitor has build-in Eye Care technology to improve the colors on your screen. Next to other features, A Colour Weakness mode is present, especially for the colorblind.

WhatsApp Web Message Status Improvement

Tools for the Colorblind

This extension provides an easier way for the colorblind to identify WhatsApp Web message delivery status.

EnChroma Color Blind Glasses

Tools for the Colorblind

EnChroma glasses open up a world of color for people with color blindness. The glasses can help in 4 out of 5 cases of red-green color blindness. 

Nix Color Sensor

Tools for the Colorblind

The Nix Color Sensor is a powerful hand-held tool that measures the color of any surface and provides in-app matches to your Android or Apple device.