About 8% of the male population has some sort of color blindness. The color blind have the inability to clearly distinguish between different colors, they tend to see colors in a limited range of hues. Because of this, the color blind have trouble with a lot of websites.

We are Colorblind.com is dedicated to making the web and beyond a better place for the color blind.

Doing so by informing and educating about colorblindness for those that create not just for the web, but anyone that works with color. By preventing and fixing any mistakes made that affect the colorblind and by providing realible information on how to prevent those mistakes, but also by actively engaging the people responsible for those mistakes.

Who’s behind this website?
My name is Tom van Beveren and as you might have guessed, I’m colorblind (deuteranomally). I’m an interaction designer from The Hague, The Netherlands and started We are Colorblind as my graduation project.

What happened to the old site?
It got kind of lost in a server crash, due to a somewhat horrible backup policy I lost most of the website. This is version 2, completely rebuilt from scratch.

My website or product got featured on this site
We are colorblind.com uses examples to illustrate certain mistakes and pitfalls. Some of them are bad, others are good, but all of them serve as a way of learning about colorblindness. I try to engage with the people responsible for these examples as much as possible, often resulting in a good solution. If you feel that your website or product does not belong here, please let me know using the contact form.

Want to keep this site going?
Colorblindness touches a broad variety of areas and subjects, I’d like to cover as many of these as possible. Some of these areas I know, others I do not, that’s why I love reading. You can show your appreciation and/or support me by buying me a book from my Amazon Wishlist.